Upcycle a dollar store clipboard

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It has been far too long since we did a dollar store upcycle don’t you think?
Well I am excited about this quick & easy DIY clipboard, it makes such a pretty
spot for notes, ideas, fabric swatches, pictures or anything to land and be seen.

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Gilded Washi {Dollar Store} Binder Clips


I realized this weekend that I have never done a washi tape post.

Like, not one.

So while I was cleaning (yes, the craft hoard is a mess.  again) I found a few pretty rolls I had picked up a while ago.  And if you give a girl some boring office supplies, some washi tape, and toss in some paint…

Y’all are going to get some pretty office supplies for your desk or work area.  For $1 plus paint and tape.  Let’s make stuff.

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Winter Dining Room Decor | with Amy from The Blissful Bee

Hello twelveOeight readers! It’s Amy here from The Blissful Bee and I’m so happy to be back again with some fun eye candy for you all today. With Christmas being over, we all tend to pack up our Christmas decorations and just go back to our “default” decor. This year I have tried to keep that Winter feeling going by decorating with some heavy textures, darker colors and (of course) deer


Over the past year or so I’ve somehow accumulated multiple sets of antlers. There are too many to just use around the house at random, so I’ve decided to clump them together in a fun little centerpiece for our dining table. I first placed the antlers in my bowl and then began placing my decorative balls.

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Dollar Store Fall Decor: Pumpkins with Holders

We are crazy for pumpkins around here.
Like, super duper hooked on pumpkins.
It may be a little more “me” than “we” but that’s not important.

So while the boys were out playing a bit of golf yesterday,
I kicked it into high gear and unearthed all of my favorite fall decor
and ran around the house hanging garlands, hot-gluing and losing
my ever-loving mind for the afternoon.

It’s supposed to be in the 90’s for the next week or so.
So when the golfer’s returned, let’s just say they weren’t exactly
ready to walk into the pumpkin patch I had created indoors.

They will survive.
“You know it’s going to be really hot next week” they said.
“Are you decorating for Christmas after this?” I heard someone say.
“That’s a great idea!” I responded.
Don’t toy with a woman who loves to fluff her nest, or her brood
of seasonally-challenged kids who never really know what season it is.

So if the kids are running through the sprinkler for a few last times,
and eating the last of the Popsicles in the freezer it’s ok.

Keep hanging your garlands.

You know I love me some Dollar Tree crafting right?
And…..I just so happened across these little glass candle holders.
Plus the first wave of Fall decor at Dollar Tree seems to have hit.
Can I just say YAY!!!!

Here is how I put together these Shabby Pumpkins & Pumpkin Stands:
First I used a little E6000 to attach the candle holders to the bottom of
two terracotta dishes I picked up at Jo Ann’s recently.  For the tall stand
I simply connected two candle holders at their tops and glued them together
to create a tall stand.

Next I used some Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint in Heirloom White,
covering them with two coats once they were dry.  After that I used a dab of black
acrylic paint and a foam brush to accent the edges of each stand so they look a little shabby.

I picked up this gorgeous chartreuse moss and created a little nest for my pumpkins
on the top of each stand.

Next I used two foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree, and tore 1/2 yard of natural
unbleached muslin into 2″ strips to cover each pumpkin.  I cut each strip in half
and glued the ends in a circular pattern on the bottom of each pumpkin.  Next I
pulled each strip up and glued it firmly at the base of the pumpkin stem.  Once I was
done covering the pumpkin, I used about 18″ of jute twine, tying it around the leftover
fabric and wrapping it about 2″ up to create a “stem.”  After trimming the excess fabric
down created a cute stem for each pumpkin.  Last I trimmed three leaves out of some
burlap scraps I had on hand, and glued them into place.

Voila! Some sweet & pretty pumpkins with stands you can use all thru Fall and
Thanksgiving too.

Happy crafting & creating friends, and as always thank you so much for reading.
I {heart} y’all so much!

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Washi Tape Art | with Amy from The Blissful Bee

Are you ready for a super cute Washi Tape project today?
Amy from The Blissful Bee is sharing how she made a chic,
modern, and pretty piece of art for her home!!
Enjoy 🙂

Hello everyone! I’m Amy, from The Blissful Bee and I’m so glad
to be back contributing here at twelveOeight.
Today I want to share a fun and easy DIY project using Washi Tape.
This project literally took about 5 minutes – not too bad, huh??

First, I had to gather my supplies. I made a quick trip to Target and picked up a 
$9 shadow box frame and a combo pack of washi tape.
 I wanted my artwork to be colorful, so I wanted to include multiple patterns of tape. 
Thankfully the combo pack was only $4! At a small price tag of only $13, 
I had an entirely new piece of art 🙂

Now it came time to put it all together. For the heart, I used a recycled 
piece of cardboard. In this case, it was a beer container we were about
to throw away. I opened up the cardboard box and traced a heart on the 
brown side of the cardboard. I then began laying the tape over the drawing, 
pressing firmly. I could see a faint pencil mark under the tape, 
which allowed me to cut a nice heart after the tape was applied. 
After my heart was cut out, I was ready to place it in the shadow box.
I simply taped the back of the heart and stuck it to the backing of the 
shadow box. I might glue it later down the road, 
but for now the tape is holding up just fine.

So what do you all think?? This was my first time using Washi tape
and I just loved the quick and easy results. I have a ton of leftover tape,
so I will for sure be working on another project! If you’d like to see more
projects like this from The Blissful Bee, check out my blog, [HERE].


Thank you so much for reading, and as always, may your heart and home be full of everything you love! xo, Tanya         linking up to: http://www.savvysouthernstyle.net/ And these awesome parties: http://www.twelveoeightblog.com/awesome-link-parties