How to make watermelon juice (jugo de sandia)

I don’t know about you, but when the watermelons begin to come into season I get giddy.

Especially when the first wave of semi-anemic looking melons have passed and the big, juicy watermelons we have waited for are ready to be brought home.  

I live in the Pacific NW so many of our watermelons come from the Yakima Valley and Hermiston, OR.  

We may not be growing any watermelons in our teeny garden this year, but I will share a few pictures of what we are growing.

Have you planted and grown fruits and vegetables with your kids? This is really our first year and they are loving it! They loved picking out the seeds, tilling up the soil, planting and even tending them (yes, the part that I thought would go to the wayside first) I think I am having more fun watching their excitement than if I were doing all the gardening myself!

garden 1

I used to think I could not grow anything, and if someone gifted me a plant I thought to myself  “I give this one three weeks.” [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | Awesome DIY features!!!

The temps are rising and Summer is officially just a few weeks away. Yay!

We are SO happy you chose to join us for the Inspiration Monday party today. Did you know when you link up to the Inspiration Monday party your link shows up on all 7 blogs simultaneously. Crazy, right?

We think that’s pretty cool that each week YOUR projects get better and better. We LOVE seeing what you have been working on. It gets hard to chose what features we should pick each week.

This week’s features were chosen by What Meegan Makes

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Easy DIY macrame hanging planter


I am crushing on macrame right now, like, in a big way.
And since I am a 40-something mama, I do remember the first time that macrame graced our homes.
It wasn’t quite as bright and fun the last time.
And no one painted it or paired with with bright, funky finds and art.
It just kind of hung in a corner with some plants in it.
And just did it’s thing.
I recently found one vintage macrame plant hanger, but it needs a little love before she joins my new
creation in our kitchen window.  I have been killing plants for decades, but I have two live plants right
now and a container of succulents.  I feel like I may have graduated from how-to-keep-your-plants-alive-
after-you-buy-them 101. I feel like a freaking rock star, is that silly?

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Inspiration Monday Party | Mason jar features & Giveaway!!

We have some BIG NEWS today! Our sweet bloggy friend, Debbie, from Refresh Restyle is joining the fun on Inspiration Monday as a permanent hostess! We’re thrilled to have her on board! If you’re linking up via her blog, it’s fantastic to have you partying with us! Your links will now be seen simultaneously on all six blogs at the same time {and you only have to link up with one of us}.


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twelveOeight | Your Homebased Mom

Since it’s the last Monday of the month, we also have a wonderful giveaway from Amy at Stitching Barefoot. She makes the most adorable children’s clothing as well as some super fun accessories {like awesome camera straps}!

Enter below to win the $75 credit to shop with Stitching Barefoot>>>

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And this week’s features were curated by our fabulous new Inspiration Monday hostess, Debbie, from Refresh Restyle. Check out all of the ‘UH-MASON’ features {hee hee, did you see what we did there? Uh Mason.}

1. Strawberry Shortcake in a Jar from Daily Leisure 2. Mason Jar Vases from The Real Thing with the Coake Family 3. Homemade Butterscotch Sauce from The Grant Life 4. Pink & Gold Chalk Painted Mason Jars from The Happy Housie 5. Teacher Appreciation Gift with Printable Tag from Oh My! Creative 6. Orange Vanilla Smoothie from My Life of Travels and Adventures 7. Sunflower Birthday Party from Our Adventure Story 8. Pineapple, Orange and Celery Juice from Ma Niche 9. Glam Glitter Vases from Yesterday on Tuesday 10. Strawberry Agua Fresca from A Night Owl Blog 11. Salted Caramel Cafe Mocha Smoothie from A Little Claireification 12. Mason Jar Wall Vases Tutorial from The Newlywed Pilgrimage


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DIY Moroccan print coasters + my patio before pictures

I probably have too many projects going at once right now (2 full space re-do’s and
like 723 DIY ideas) but with summer approaching, I can no longer ignore our



























It’s pretty lame.  Here is a sneak peak at the patio of shame.
It’s gross y’all.

Ok, you have been sufficiently warned:

Yep, that’s my paint covered table.  I used it apparently a few too many times without
proper covering.


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Lacy Garden Lanterns

Our Japanese Maple is in full regalia, and fanning her gorgeous feathers for Spring.  Around her are
bright pink Azaleas, and various mid to late spring flowers beginning to push through to the surface.
I was cleaning out a few bins of trim & craft supplies recently and came across a yard or so of a couple
different types of lace.  Like most craft supply hoarders, I cannot remember why or where I found them,
and since they are flat and wide, I’m not sure where I would use them.

I began looking at my jars and decided to experiment with a little Mod Podge and lace around a few different
sized jars headed for recycling.

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Inspiration Monday Party | Pretty Floral Projects For Spring!

Welcome Back to the 37th edition of Inspiration Monday!
We’re so happy you’re here today.
This is the place where your links are seen simultaneously on all FIVE blogs at the same time,
all you need to do is link up to ONE of our sites.
Thankfully, we’re finally starting to have more warm days than cold!
I don’t know about you, but after this cold dreary winter,
I’m certainly looking forward to a gorgeous and colorful Spring!Are you following our Inspiration Monday Pinterest board?
(If you are, you probably got a sneak peek at our favorites for the week.)

Here are just a few of our favorite pretty floral Spring projects for this weeks Inspiration.

(If you were featured, be sure to grab a featured button from the sidebar.)

DIY Yardstick Star + What’s Shakin’ Around twelveOeight

My sweet little peanut is two months old.  TWO MONTHS OLD! 
He is so very sweet, and is letting mama sleep a little better at night now, 
and just has me in awe of how much we can love these little guys.
I’m a goner, I will block this post when he gets old enough to read 
the feed so he won’t know that his Grandma will probably say yes
to everything.  Oh what the heck, let em see it, he will realize it soon
enough hee hee!
We had a few inches of snow a couple times this week, and I got a chance to hang
out with some awesome fellow bloggers and shake our groove thing too.  More 
about that in a bit!
He is what getting “snowed in” looks like in my neck of the woods.  We don’t get
a ton of snow in this part of the Pacific NW so I stocked up on Diet Coke, chocolate,
burlap and hot glue.  Then I dug around in a stack of yardsticks and put together
a big country star for my porch.

Making a big star out of yardsticks required no cutting and brings a huge pop of light
to a dark area on my front porch for Christmas.  Best part? I plan on taking the lights
off after the New Year and using my big star somewhere fun inside.

Double use, fabulous!

Here is what I used to make a super thrifty star for my porch/living room/hallway
or who knows where it may end up:

5 yardsticks
Hi temp hot glue
Paint (I chose Chalky Finish by Americana available at The Home Depot)
White mini lights on white wire

I began by arranging the yardsticks in place and using hot glue to connect the overlapping
ends to secure.  Next I applied two coats of paint and allowed it to dry well.  It took a
couple tries to space the lights correctly so I had enough to go around each yardstick.
But I got it on the second try and plugged fired her up that night!

I had the pleasure of hanging out with one of the most welcoming, creative women in the DIY/
Cooking/Craft/Home Decor world recently too.  Kim, the fabulous and creative dynamo who 
authors Today’s Creative Blog had a super fun event  in her home recently, and after we 
shook it a bit we got a chance to eat, talk and laugh a lot. 
smile while you shake it

I had so much fun at Kim’s (Today’s Creative Blog) Smile While You Shake it event! Great swag supplied by Honey Bunches of Oats, along with Matthew Meads Holiday Magazine, a romantic novel by Portland author Marlene Hill and wonderful eco friendly LOQI bags supplied by Bright & Bold. Every week until June, Honey Bunches of Oats is giving away $500 gift card from the pool of videos! So what are you waiting for? Go Smile While You Shake it!!

Don’t forget to head over and enter to win!!

I thought I would share a couple more picture from a fun week as Abbie makes the trek across
fresh snow at a local park.  She made it about ten feet sledding and opted out after her trial run.
But we did ok, I brought a huge blanket and we snuggled with Penny dog and drank cocoa 
while the boys used their new sleds.  I brought a huge waterproof camping chair too.  It’s
like a Lazy Boy you can fold up.  I am sure someone at the park called me silly, but I was 
warm and my butt wasn’t frozen!

And before the temperature rose so much that the snow was all gone, the kids decided
the best way to work with what they had was a “snow castle.” Yep, plastic buckets
packed with snow (hopefully clean snow) with little twigs and leaves on the top.
These are actually staged and arranged pretty well too, perhaps a few more little
DIY’ers will join our ranks someday!

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend.  And if you have shopping to do like me, I am wishing you
close parking spots, short lines and good deals 🙂


Fabulous link parties: 


Design Crush: Modern Garden Planters and Pots

I love gardening, and container gardens.
But it’s time to try something that has not always been 
a tremendous success is the past.
Houseplant ownership.  
I am a little nervous, and concerned for the overall 
well-being of the houseplants I bring home.

I have a somewhat green thumb outdoors, but once I step inside my 
mad skills turn super lame.  
Since I am going to venture into a fairly unknown territory I thought 
it would be a good idea to find some pretty homes for my 
new little friends.
And while I am at it, maybe a few new ones for my plants outside too.
Here are a few of my favorite modern garden pots and planters from 
around the web to begin my adventure in style:
DIY Painted Planters

Recycled Bottle Planters via ehow
(link does not connect to original artist-if you know the source plz msg me 🙂
how to make an embellished gold planter
vertical metal pipes as planters and garden decor
(sorry about the photo quality but you get the idea!)
Bird Planter Ceramic Folk Art Turquoise Blue White Spring Home Decor Vase Hand Painted Tattoo Flowers Hearts - READY TO SHIP
tire flower planter tutorial

Majeka Tricks
Transformed nursery box
 Amanda - Planter 2
 10 Garden Planters That You Can Make

elephant planter

With this much style inspiration I may just be able to keep them alive.
If you have kept a plant alive or have mad houseplant skills
I would love to hear your tips and advice 🙂

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DIY Succulent Container Garden

I like to think that I have a green thumb.
I can grow a mean petunia, and I am
just positive had I have lived in another
era I would have been part of a garden
club for ladies.

At least until the ladies realized that I am
not a master gardener.
I do not have a single houseplant.
So they would have made me the treasurer
because they are sweet and wouldn’t have
wanted to invite me not to return
simply because my thumb is more pink
than green.

You see I have seen these gorgeous
succulents everywhere.  And I love them.
I want some of my very own, but not
a clue on how to grow them.
So, with a little petunia-growing confidence
I jumped in my truck and headed for
The Home Depot.

A girl can find all of the lumber, paint,
chicken wire, power drills and dirt that
her heart desires there.  And just when
she thinks her cart cannot hold the
ingredients for another DIY home
improvement idea, alas, she spies the
cacti and succulents.

And her heart goes pitter-patter when
they look easy to grow.

I was sold by “water when dry” seemed
to be the growing recommendation on
many of the little succulent pots.  Not
to mention how pretty they are and
the incredible variety.
The choosing was the hardest part!

So I settled on this group of pretty plants
some Miracle Gro planting mix, and small
polished pebbles.  Once I was home I
dug out a couple of vintage kitchen
goodies I have been hanging onto for a
while.  A sifter and a jello mold.

I filled each container half full of dirt
and removing each of the plants from
it’s container, loosened up the roots a
bit and arranged them before adding
more Miracle Gro planting mix.  Next
I added a layer of they pretty polished
pebbles to the top and my succulent
container garden was done!  I have a
sunny spot that is perfect for these,
and since they are fairly hardy, I think
they will survive casa twelveOeight.

So I am now the proud owner of a
fabulous succulent container garden
all junky and gorgeous and I couldn’t
be happier about my project.  I cannot
wait to share the rest of my front
porch makeover soon!

If you have not seen the new Prepaid
Project Card from The Home Depot yet,
you will want to check it out.  It is a great
way to track your spending on projects big or
small and also a wonderful gift for the DIY’er
in your life.
*I was financially compensated for this post/review but all opinions expressed are 100% mine based on my experience*

Until next time,


{fabulous places I party}
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Craft O Maniac,
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