When less is more: De-clutter with the 80/20 method

I am unsure of how so much stuff accumulates so quickly.  

We have cleaned closets, donated, and done what we thought was a house purge before.

But this time is different…


How to reduce clutter #housepurge #organize #reduceclutter


This time is for a very special reason. [Read more…]

How to organize your pantry | Free bulk food printables!!

Brooke with Blissful Roots is a dynamo, and a girl after my own heart too.
When faced with a bunch of those little bags from the bulk bins, she is amazing us
once again with her super cute (and FREE!) pantry label printables!!
How did you know my pantry is in sad shape right now Brooke?
Tell me I am not alone on this one friends right?
Thank you so much for sharing these & some yummy recipes with us today!
Happy August, twelveOeight readers!  
I absolutely LOVE spending time here with you, but can I just say it feels like I was here yesterday!  
Where did July go?  And how is it already August?  
I think I just need to accept the fact that time flies.  
Although somehow everything but my pregnancy seems to be zooming by.  
I only have three months to go, but the end always seems the longest, right?
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Today, I’m sharing a recycled organizing project for the kitchen.  
I was going through my spices and bulk items the other day, and discovered I had close to twenty bags of stuff.  
If you’re like me, you love WinCo’s bulk section, and frequent it often.  
I love being able to buy small quantities of items I only use a teaspoonful for here and there.  
What I don’t love, are the big plastic bags I bring home with a small handful of nuts, spices, rice,
granola, or whatever way down in the bottom.  So much wasted plastic sitting around. 
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