DIY Leather Dream Catcher

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Hello friends!

The last few days have gone by so fast I can’t believe it.
I hope you have enjoyed time with family and friends, and are having a wonderful holiday season.
Ours began with a ton of excitement and a long list of projects to complete.

When I picked the kids up from school on their last day before Christmas break, the two weeks in front of us seemed
like they would last forever and everything would get done.
Well not really, while there are still quite a few things on my stuff-I-want-to-do-list, we did accomplish quite a bit.

I am almost done with my boys shared bedroom makeover, and I cannot wait to share it with you!
I just have to install the shelving, then it’s reveal time.  Coming soon…

And, I claimed some found space in our playroom that is above our garage.  By moving the furniture around,
bringing in my work table and doing a little painting, I was able to create a large studio area that is well lit and
all of my supplies are right there.

Not in the laundry room, or the garage.

But right there.  I am loving it, and this project was the first one that I created in my new space the very first night
it was ready.  I will be sharing this space soon, I have some curtains to hang and a few accessories to finish.
Eek, I love it so!!

That brings us to today’s DIY.  I love to mix different textures and patterns to bring a sense of depth and feel to
each space in my home.  A couch needs the right pillows that make me happy, a table needs a pretty lamp and
some cool books.  And leather crafts can be just the right thing to bring this kind of softness and warmth into
our spaces, and they don’t have to be hard to make either! [Read more…]

DIY Vintage Copper Marquee Lights

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My boys are finally getting their shared room makeover they have been waiting so long for.

Of course I was so excited to show them the first thing I am making for their rooms, their own Marquee letters for their
initials.  They weren’t super excited about the copper color, or the lights until it all came together.

Aren’t project always like that?

You are kind of unsure until it comes together, and you are able to stand back and really check it out.
The boys were extremely relieved because the copper paint doesn’t look “pink” after all…not sure when it did, but ok.
And the lights aren’t “girly” but they are cool.

So, it’s kid approved and now everyone else wants one and can’t understand why I haven’t made theirs yet.
Sheesh folks, give a girl some time!
But I was secretly smiling as the positive feedback came in, and then tonight they stood behind me in the dark hallway
watching me shoot the final photos.

Hopefully they love everything else I am doing in their room.
It’s going to be very different than what they have had up until now. I can’t wait!

Ok, here is what I used to make my own DIY Vintage Style Copper Marquee Light on the fly: [Read more…]

DIY concrete candle holders

how to make cement candle holders

We have had such a fun & busy week around here, I am finally getting a chance to share a couple
new things with you.  I am LOVING all of the fun home accessories, tables, stools, and just about
anything you can think of made out of concrete that’s all over right now.

But first, I wanted to share another update, and that is my weight loss.
It’s been six months since I began this journey, and I have lost 40 pounds so far.
I know right? I’m excited too.  And I have a ways to go on my journey to fitness and better health
in my 40’s.  Feeling good feels good, does that make sense?

And, I wanted an updated photo for my blog, and social media for a while now, but really wanted
to wait until I had reached some of my weight loss goals.

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DIY faux cowhide rug

Hello lovies, happy weekend!
I am so super duper over the moon excited about today’s project,
it’s been something I have wanted to make for a long time.

And it made me think a lot about the evolution of our decorating style, and how it changes over time.

 diy faux cowhide rug


I took one of those online decorating-style personality-type-tests online a while ago
and discovered what I pretty much already knew.  My style was labeled boho-modern
I believe, which basically seems to be a mish-mash of vintage, modern, yard-sale-chic,
a few Navajo rugs, and some big, bright pillows piled up everywhere.

While I continue to work on Abbie’s room, the process is taking longer than this
impatient DIY-er would like.  But that usually means it’s evolving at the same time,
so I must slow down a bit and just let it happen.

Plus I keep getting sidetracked, in a good way, but ideas and DIY projects that are
swimming around in my head waiting for bedtime to happen so mom can bust out
the supplies.  I have been drooling over so many gorgeous cowhides recently,
Pinning and dreaming, hoping and wondering how I can get my hands on one for

Well, I can either use my entire decorating budget for the remainder of 2014 on
one piece, or, like we always do, find a way to make my own.

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Driftwood wall hanging

 tribal art 3


How does a free or practically free awesome wall hanging sound?

And you can make it probably in less than 2 hours.

Are you in?

I thought so, we dig DIY projects that don’t take the entire weekend
around here too.  Along with working on Abbie’s Big Girl Bedroom makeover,
chasing kids all over the place, and cleaning up melted Otter Pops all day, I found
some time to walk.
And think.

It was hot and humid, and I would love to say my only mission was a little down time,
but the truth is, it was a combo activity.  A little stroll along the river, and some much
needed time outside, near the water, with some sand between my toes.

The best feeling ever.  And a bundle of beautiful driftwood.

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I’m crushing on all things pagoda + chinoiserie

Oh I got a big old design crush right now.

Ok, probably like 27 of them.

But seriously, I am loving all of the Asian-inspired decor out there right now, are you?

I have always loved pagodas, bamboo, and touches of chinoiserie influenced

Here are a few things I spied this week that I had to share…


The source for this first amazing space is Lonny Mag.  Check out the herringbone floor, pagoda stools,
antique chairs mixed with a rustic table and mirrors.  BA-NA-NAS! I love it!!!

[Read more…]

Easy DIY macrame hanging planter


I am crushing on macrame right now, like, in a big way.
And since I am a 40-something mama, I do remember the first time that macrame graced our homes.
It wasn’t quite as bright and fun the last time.
And no one painted it or paired with with bright, funky finds and art.
It just kind of hung in a corner with some plants in it.
And just did it’s thing.
I recently found one vintage macrame plant hanger, but it needs a little love before she joins my new
creation in our kitchen window.  I have been killing plants for decades, but I have two live plants right
now and a container of succulents.  I feel like I may have graduated from how-to-keep-your-plants-alive-
after-you-buy-them 101. I feel like a freaking rock star, is that silly?

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The big girl bedroom: progress


I am making some progress in between windstorms & fences/trees toppling over on Abbie’s bedroom
design.  Since I haven’t painted yet (ok, I have not chosen a paint color yet, I will need your opinion
on that early next week) some of the things I have made and pulled together are in the playroom for now.

It rained like crazy all week, and it continues today.  With the rain came a windstorm that took down my
favorite tree, but it happened during the night and no one was hurt.  The kids thought the broken fence
and huge tree on it’s side were amazing.  So, we focused on the positive and decided that the backyard
has more sunlight now.  I’m not quite there yet, I miss my tree.  But, when life gives us broken fences,
I guess we just make it an indoor crafting week.  Or lemonade.  Crafting and lemonade will work too.


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trending now: decorating with pastels

Pastels are super hot for Spring 2014 fashion, and it looks like the lines have blurred as usual,
with home decorating trends also leaning towards the lighter side of color.
I hope these beautiful spaces and home decor ideas inspire you as much as they have me.
I even have an area cleared out in our garage to get painting
as soon as possible, I love springtime!

Upcycled Glam Vase

This past Christmas my sister Kim and her husband Adam drove up from the Bay area as they do every year.
The arrival of Aunt Kim and Uncle Adam is huge in our house.
And they have about a 12 hour trip to make it up to our place, so it’s quite a drive.
The kids like to stand in the window and keep watch for them when they know their beloved Aunt and Uncle
will be arriving soon.
Then there is a soft knock at the door, and three kids (plus one neurotic Jack Russell mix) are racing towards
door and spill out onto the porch to greet our weary loved ones.
We had an awesome time as usual, and time to hug and say goodbye always comes too soon.
This year they left a few bottled coffee drinks that they didn’t want to repack as they hit the road to see more
family (and being that they contained copious amounts of much needed caffeine) I took them.
Thank you so much for reading, and as always, may your heart and home be full of everything you love! xo, Tanya         linking up to: And these awesome parties: