Guess who turned 1 this weekend?

kaleb 1st birthday pic 1


It’s been a year, a whole year since our sweet little man came into our lives.

My first baby, had her first baby, and well…he’s already a year old.

I can’t believe it!!

Yep, that’s a whole bunch of teeth in there too, and he is taking those first steps,
and discovering how to climb up the stairs, opening every cupboard, you know… discovering everything!


He’s busy, and snuggly, and funny, and sweet.
And this past year has been full of a double joy, not only enjoying a first grandbaby, but seeing my
eldest have a baby and learn, and grow with him is magical.

My youngest three will probably not be starting a family anytime soon as they are stilll 8, 5, and 4.
Yeah, in case we have never talked about it, that’s a 14.5 year difference between my first two kiddos.
I like to live on the edge like that hee hee 🙂

Anyways, I had to show you his sweet and funny pictures from this weekend, his very 1st Birthday Party.
They are so sweet and I am just smitten, enjoy!! [Read more…]

How to decorate your Halloween Glasses with vinyl!!

Brooke has done it again, I am in LOVE with these super cute, thrifty and easy Halloween glasses!!
Hello twelveOeight readers!  And happy October to you all!  October posts are always the easiest ones for me.  I could probably do Halloween-related posts all year long, and not get sick of them.  It is my favorite holiday (well maybe tied with Christmas) and the creative, spooky projects seem to be endless! 
DIY Vinyl Halloween Glasses from Blissful Roots
Today I wanted to share a simple way to add a bit of Halloween fright to your glassware.  I always love to check out Pottery Barn Kids Halloween tabletops each year.  I gaze and gaze at their amazing set ups, but for some reason the glasses always catch my eye.  But, being the thrifty crafter that I am, I can’t bring myself to pay the price they want (one of these years I’m going to catch them on clearance, and not feel guilty about buying them!).  My glasses are somewhat simple in comparison to theirs, but you fill the glass with an orange drink, or anything else orange, black, and white and you can’t even tell.

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Mini ice cream sandwiches + making the everyday stuff special

Are they done yet?
Mooooooooommmmmm….are they done yet?
Can we have one now, like, the first ones that are done?
Yes, this is a real conversation, and battery of questions all fired at yours truly while
my kids waited the long and painful 5 minutes it took for me to make these SUPER
cute little ice cream sandwiches.
I love to make the everyday special.
The moments I remember growing up that meant so much, and I hold close to my heart are those that
were everyday moments, made special.
Special because of the love and time that goes into creating a home and nest for our families.
My Grandma Edith made everything special, it’s just the way she did everything in her life.
With purpose, compassion & love.

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