Paper + rock succulent garden

how to make a succulent garden


I wish I wasn’t so easily distracted.
But the truth is, shiny things & new ideas have an overpowering magnetic pull for this girl.
I have always wanted to be a planner, and very organized.  But the truth is I am somewhere in
between complete slob and neat freak.  With just enough decorating ADD to be dangerous.

I can however say that this has a real, and fabulous purpose.
It is part of Abbie’s Big Girl Bedroom makeover (yes, the one I am still working on hee hee.)
Because every big girl needs a fab plant, or ten in their space
And miss Abbie is going to start off (she’s only 3.8 years old) with a faux succulent and see how
she does.  If things go well, we can add to it.

If not, well, we can wait a while and try again.
But she has a discerning eye for style at 3.8 years of age.  She loves My Little Pony,
anything with Strawberry Shortcake on it (the “vintage” ones-not the new ones with long hair)
and riding her big brother’s go cart around in our back yard, barefoot, with a polka dot bathing
suit on and shades.  [Read more…]

Last minute Patriotic Centerpiece | with Brooke from Blissful Roots

Wishing you a blessed, fun and joyful 4th of July friends, I am so excited about
today’s project from Brooke.  Her upcycled crafts and decorations amaze me,
this one does not disappoint!!

Happy 4th of July twelveOeight readers!  Don’t you just love this day?  So many fun reasons to celebrate!  Apparently too many reasons for me because here I am again with another patriotic craft.  I shared my patriotic matchbox printables last month, and thought I was done with the 4th of July theme, but with it being the actual 4th of July today, I had to share one more patriotic idea.

So, I have a fun, easy, and inexpensive centerpiece to share with you today.  Now, you may not be able to throw this together for your parties today, but you can save it and be all set for next year’s celebration, or change up the color scheme and use it for ANY occasion!

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Patriotic Matchbox Printables

Happy June, twelve0eight readers!  

What a wonderful time of year this is!  I love the carefree days of summer, the long warm evenings, the starry nights, and I really love the 4th of July.  

Maybe it’s because my birthday is the day after the 4th, but it’s always been an extra special time of year for me.


#fourthofjuly #printable #freeprintable #patriotic


Last year I found some adorable matchbox covers on Pinterest that I used for the 4th.  They were such a hit (especially with my boys who enjoyed having their very own box of matches a little TOO much) that I wanted to do it again this year, but with a new look.  So, I took matters into my own hands.  I got on PicMonkey and came up with my own design for this year’s celebration.

DIY Mother’s Day Card | with Brooke from Blissful Roots

Happy May, twelveOeight readers!
It’s Brooke from Blissful Roots.  Isn’t May such a delightful month?
I love the perfect weather, the flowers, the anticipation of summer, and of course Mother’s Day.
I’ve always loved Mother’s Day, but it’s especially wonderful when you’re blessed to be a mother yourself!
DIY Tissue Paper Mother's Day Card from Blissful Roots
Today I have an extra special card you can make for all the mothers in your life.
A card that can double as decor after you’ve given it.
I absolutely love tissue paper!  I love the variety of colors, the versatility of it, and how dainty
and delicate it is.  It’s the perfect medium to use for anything Mother’s Day.

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DIY Scrap Book Paper Garland For Boys

Hi there! It’s Brooke and I am so excited to share a fun, thrifty paper garland I made for my boys recently.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have three young boys.  And I’m always on the lookout for cute decor to use in their room (yes, all three of them share a room right now, and I’ve actually grown to LOVE it!).  Anyway, I feel like boy decor is a lot like boy clothing.  It’s really hard to find cute things for boys!  Girls (and maybe it’s just because I can’t ever buy anything girlie) have so many options when it comes to decor and clothing.  Am I right, mothers of boys?  I know Tanya has a grandson, so maybe she can relate.


Often times I’m left to making decor for my boys’ room because I can’t find just what I’m looking for, or I don’t want to pay the price of what I actually do like.
So today I have a cute, oh so fun (any easy!) paper craft to make with you…

Pretty Scrapbook Paper Art | with Amy from The Blissful Bee

Hello Twelve O Eight readers! It’s Amy from The Blissful Bee and I am happy to be back again with another lovely DIY for you guys.


This one is SUPER simple and I completed the entire project in just about 10 minutes from start to finish. All you need is a burlap canvas, some decorative ribbon and a few pages from a scrapbook quote notepad. I found my scrapbook notebook from Target in the craft isle:)





First, pick out 4 of your favorite quotes from the notepad. I chose 2 that were decorative and 2 that actually had a quote written out.

I also made sure the colors coordinated as well. I went with a coral and mint green theme for this particular canvas.

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Dollar Store Chalkboard Sign in a January House
I am always excited & challenged by what I like to call my January House.
My routine has returned (ok at least a little.)
The Holiday’s are behind us, and a fresh New Year with all it’s hope and
possibility is here.
And I am usually ready for some change.
Do you do the same thing?
Like finishing something then deciding to make a few changes, and add that
other thing, so you realize you are never really done.
Or finished.
But just starting.
I think of my house and I like a comfortable friendship.
Chandler & Joey.
Laverne & Shirley.
Wayne & Garth.
Lucy & Ethel.
If we were to have a conversation (other than a one-sided convo I am very
thankful has never been overheard at least to date) it might sounds like this.

Rustic Valentine Countdown Calendar

This is the first countdown calendar I have made, and now I am officially hooked.
We are working on a thrifty do it yourself wood fireplace mantel for our gas fireplace,
and I hope to have it done soon.
We have done some restructuring to our homeschool time, and trying really hard to
stick to my meal plan.  Being more organized seems to free up more time for fun.
Like making things together and waiting for February 1st to arrive so we can open
the first envelope to see what is inside.
I love projects like this that bring old and new together, and using elements with a
little bit of history (more about that.)

DIY Pretty Cork Coasters | With Krista from The Happy Housie

Hello readers of twelveOeight!
It’s Krista from the happy housie ,
back again today contributing to this wonderful blog…
And can’t wait to share this fun little DIY Pretty Cork Coaster project with you.
These make a pretty little hostess gift, or you could easily make them for your own home as well.
DIY Cork Coasters hostess gift by thehappyhousie

 Gather the Goods:

One piece of 12×12 cork
Cutting mat and rotary cutter (could also use a ruler and exacto knife)
small paper cutter and paper cutting mat
 (you could also use scissors, a pencil, and ruler to cut straight lines)
Mod Podge
Scrapbook Paper
White Krylon Spray Paint
Outdoor gloss sealer spray

Gettin’ Some Craft On…

Start with a package of 12×12 cork tiles
(I got mine at the local Dollarama and only used one out of two in the package)
cork package
I used my rotary mat and cutter to cut one of the tiles into 4×4 squares
I got nine squares from one cork tile:
I then painted the cork tiles with some indoor/outdoor white spray paint.
I used paint with primer built in because the cork was raw,
 and I thought the primer paint would adhere best.
I then chose some pretty summer scrapbook paper from my hugely excessive pile of paper
 and cut it into 3.5 inch squares so as to leave a small white border around the edges:
I used Mod Podge to attach the paper squares to the cork tiles…
and then added Mod Podge over top as well.
I think I did three coats of Mod Podge on the top of the coasters.
I gently and carefully “massaged” out any bubbles and lines as
the Mod Podge was applied:
After allowing a good amount of dry time I sprayed the coasters
with a few coats of Indoor/Outdoor gloss sealer.
I let the sealer thoroughly dry and then wrapped these babies up!
cork coasters hostess gift tied by thehappyhousie
Perfect for summer fun beverages…
Cork coasters in use at thehappyhousie
I used these as part of a Summer Drink themed hostess gift…. and am sharing more
about that over at the happy housie today. I’d love for you to hop over and visit!
DIY Pretty Cork Coasters by thehappyhousie

Thank you to Tanya for having me here today! If you want to know what the next project might be… follow along on with me on Pinterest – there is usually some serious pinning action happenin’ as I form my ideas and before I get down to business. I sometimes post little extras and hints on Facebook as well. Thanks for reading! And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey.

What a great and oh so cute gift idea!
These would make such a great Secret Pal gift,
or thoughtful “just because” gift for a friend.
Thank you as always Krista for sharing your
talent and a slice of living on the lake with us 🙂

Kid-Friendly Craft: Simple Stitched Cards with Bronwyn from Queen B Creative Me {guest post}

Hello everyone.  My name is Bronwyn and I blog over at Queen B Creative Me.
I am so excited to be sharing a project here at Twelve O Eight.

The school year just ended here in my part of Ontario, Canada and I’d love to show you 
what the kids and I put together as thank-you gifts for their teachers.

A teacher myself, I ADORE receiving handmade cards from kids (and moms!) So, my daughter 

and I set out to make some Simple Stitched Cards for each of the kids’ teachers.

We started with some card stock cards – these measured 4″x6″.
I let my daughter pick a few pages of pretty scrapbook paper.  
Construction or wrapping paper would work for this, too.
After cutting a template out of thicker cardboard, my daughter traced and cut out a 
heart-shape from the patterned paper.

To make the stitching easier, I used a thick needle to pop holes around the edge 
of the hearts.  Remember to do this on top of a piece of foam, or even a folded towel, 
so that you don’t poke holes into your table!

My daughter used a slightly dull embroidery needle to stitch in and out of the holes 
with 6 strands of embroidery floss.  Thin yarn would work for this as well.  

It took her less than 5 minutes to do each heart.
“Look Mommy! I am sewing!!
After sticking the thread ends to the back of the heart with some tape, 
we glued each heart to a card, slightly left of center.
This gave us room to stamp the sentiment.  If you have pretty hand-writing, 
you could print your own text.  
My daughter and I were so pleased with how the cards turned out. 
The teachers who received them were full of compliments, too.  

Now what did we give the teachers as their actual gifts?
I’ll admit, I did not come up with this by myself.  Unfortunately, the Pinterest link I 
have seems to be broken so I cannot send you to the originator of this idea.  

But here is the general idea:
We packaged up matching paper plates, paper cups, napkins and plastic cutlery 
for each teacher. I then created this label on PicMonkey:

I am pleased to say that the teachers ADORED their gifts.  Who can blame them?
They can have guests for a BBQ and then toss the dishes into the compost bin 
when they are done!

That’s my kind of gift, too!

Please come and visit me at 

I’d love to have you!!
Bronwyn thank you so much for sharing such
a fun and thoughtful gift with us!
A bundle of these would be great for a
friend who is moving or a mom to be.

Make sure you check out Queen B Creative Me
for tons of crafty goodness and inspiration!!!

Thank you so much for reading, and as always, may your heart and home be full of everything you love! xo, Tanya         linking up to: And these awesome parties: