Apple pie hard cider

apple pie hard cider, how to make hard cider


We just came up with this little number this weekend and I had to share.

Not only is this a refreshing, crisp glass of apple pie with a kick, but this will keep those tootsies warm on cold nights too.

I love a quick seasonal drink that I can throw together for friends to enjoy, and this little apple concoction is just what we need for some relaxing late Fall entertaining.  And by late Fall I mean some of my Christmas stuff is up and it’s beginning to look a lot like Santa’s Workshop up in here. [Read more…]

Black and white DIY Thanksgiving pumpkins



Can you believe that it’s going to be Thanksgiving in just a few weeks?

Neither can I.  We were just knee deep in summer a minute ago it seems, and the wonderful holiday season has already arrived.

Being that it is my favorite time of year I will take it however.  I don’t know about you but I get a little (ok massively) excited when the holiday baking displays begin to pop up at the grocery store.

Marshmallow crème we are ready for you!

But before I get ahead of myself and begin to mentally put up our tree (too late I already have the colors, theme and location in my noggin) we have Thanksgiving to look forward to.

No matter where this Thanksgiving finds us, one thing is for sure, it’s such a good time to stop and really realize how truly blessed we are.

Time to spend with family or friends, or however you want, and food. Good food y’all.

I have had this little blog of mine for about four years now I think.

A lot has happened since then, and returning to work just under two years ago has meant not near as much time to write and share.  But that return to work was necessary as I left an unhealthy life behind and struck out on a new path with my kids.

This Thanksgiving finds me very thankful, for a great career I love, the ability to provide for my family, and a man in my life who supports me and encourages me to do the things that bring me joy.

Looking back I am not sure how we made it, it’s been a rocky path for sure. [Read more…]

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Cinnamon Roll Waffles #cinnamonrollwaffle #wafflerecipe #ChristmasBreakfast #GlutenFreeWaffles #HowToMakeWaffles #twelveOeightblog



About 6 years ago I dropped more than one or two “subtle” hints to my husband that I really needed a nice waffle iron.
I had never had a Belgian Waffle Iron and wanted to own my own so I could make these fluffy, amazing waffles myself.

Being a very good listener, and also probably sick of me talking about how wonderful it would be to make us said
waffles, he made sure there was a waffle iron for me under the tree.

Just imagine the shock and surprise on my face when I reached to the back of the tree and opened a heavy square box…
what was inside?  Did he listen, or have any idea how important this is to me?

I got it, and I have not used it apparently as many times as he thought I would.
So, needless to say when I fire it up he kind of saunters by, stops and acts very shocked that I am using the waffle iron
I was so obsessed with. [Read more…]

Inspiration Monday Party | and Party Features from last week!

Welcome back to Inspiration Monday, we’re so happy you are joining us here today!
When you party with us, your links are seen on seven different blogs- but only have to link up to one!
With all this freezing weather, I hope you’ve been staying warm and toasty by the fire. 
If there is one good thing to say about the great Arctic Blast of 2014, it has definitely 
put me in the mood for the Holidays!
What we’ve been up to this week:
DIY Blog Ideas & Recipes #diyblog #recipeblog #howto #turkeyrecipe #freeprintable #Christmasdecor
This week around twelveOeight:
Ok are you ready for some amazing features?

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How to Roast a Turkey

 How To Roast a Turkey #turkey #howtocookaturkey #turkeyrecipe #howtobakeaturkey #turkeycookingtimes


Before we get to the actual cooking of the bird, I have to tell you about my great turkey fail of 1995.
I was in my early 20’s and had yet to try my hand at making the whole Thanksgiving dinner on my own.

But this year, I had read my latest issue of Martha Stewart that arrived weeks before in the mail,
and I felt confident.


I can cook a turkey, and it’s not that hard.
Well, here is the good news, the turkey was easy to cook.

It smelled amazing,
the drippings were waiting to be turned into a wonderful gravy.

I had done it! 

A HUGE success…


me and martha


And we forgot to push the big thermometer back in after the last a final basting.


The thermometer broke and the mercury went all over. [Read more…]

Free Thanksgiving Printable + Brooke has a special announcement!

Happy November twelveOeight readers!
It’s Brooke from Blissful Roots.  It’s been a big few weeks here at our house, and I’ll share more
on our newest addition at the end of the post, but first up I have a simple Thanksgiving printable to share with you today.
#Thanksgiving #Thanksgivingdecor #ThanksgivingPrintable
Click to Print
I found this beautiful chalkboard background at Lilac & Lavendar quite awhile back,
but I keep using it for my printables every now and again.
I love the simple, elegant beauty of it.
You can put any word/phrase on it, in any font, and you have an amazing work of art to display in your home.
I’ve always loved the word gather.
It really could be used year-round, but it’s especially fitting for the Thanksgiving season.
I really do love all of the amazing food associated with Thanksgiving,
but without having your loved ones to gather with, it would all be for not.

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The perfect apple peach sangria {just in time for Fall!}

apple sangria recipe, sangria recipe, how to make a sangria, apple drinks, fall drinks, fall sangria

So imagine a slice of peach pie…got it? Ok, now add a slice of apple pie, and a crisp, sweet glass of wine.
Now mix them all together…yes.
It’s the best Fall Sangria ever.  It tastes like yum and amazing all at once.
We have mixed a few up and curled up with blankets in the evening by our fit pit.

Just savoring and enjoying the handful of warm (rain free) evenings we have here in
the Northwest.  You can use a white wine, or a Moscato, I like the Moscato from Gallo Family Vineyards
for this recipe, it’s just perfect.

Here is how I make my favorite Sangria for Fall…

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Favorite Recipes 2013

Wishing you a wonderful, blessed & abundant year in 2014 friends!
I had so much fun putting together the Best DIY roundup for 2013 and
seeing how far we have come around our house.
And I couldn’t forget about what we whipped up in the kitchen so here
is a group of my favorite things that we made in the kitchen this year.
(every recipe has a gluten free option as well too)

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Dollar Store Rustic Glam Plate Chargers | Amy from The Blissful Bee

Hello Twelve O Eight readers! It’s Amy here from The Blissful Bee and I’m happy to be back again with another little fun makeover. A few weeks ago I put together my rustic Christmas tablescape,
but wanted to keep it budget friendly.


I wanted to incorporate blue in my arrangement but didn’t have any blue decor on hand. After visiting the $1 store, I found a ton of these gold plastic chargers. As much as I loved them in all their gold glory, I knew I still wanted a light blue color instead. At $1 per charger, I bought 4 to complete my tablescape. I brought them home with me and gave them a nice coat of blue paint. While they were still wet, I sprinkled some fine gold glitter on top and let them dry. Once the plates were dry, enough of the glitter had stuck onto the paint. I love the subtle touch of glam! What do you think??

ChargerPlateMakeover1   ChargerPlateMakeover2   ChargerPlateMakeover3  

 To see more from my rustic Christmas tables cape, click [here] and [here] for my $1 store chalkboard plate makeover. You can also follow me along [here] if you like what you see!!

OH MY GOODNESS! These are amazing Amy!! I love this idea so much, thank you
for giving us such a pretty and thrifty idea for our tables.  You rocked these!!


Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

The humble potato gets a gussied up in a creamy cheese sauce in this super easy recipe.
I think I could make a batch of these and have them for dinner with a salad as the main
dish I like them so much.  But what I really love to serve them with is a nice spiral ham
or some tender steaks.  
I love simple recipes that don’t require hard to find ingredients or take too much time in
the kitchen.  I enjoy cooking, but I enjoy chatting and sharing a meal around our table 
with people I love way more than spending all day in the kitchen.  We grew a lot of 
potatoes on our little farm growing up.  We stored them all winter in our barn, and they
never went bad.  On top of a wooden platform we stacked a couple bales of hay and 
built a little potato cellar out of hay.  When we needed more potatoes we just pulled a bale
off the top and dug in the hay for as many as we wanted.  Today my potatoes are in 
a little basket in my pantry, no hay.  But I wouldn’t mind a trek out to a barn to retrieve
homegrown potatoes, I wouldn’t mind a bit.

Well let’s get cooking, here is what I use to make one of my all time favorite recipes:

Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes
serves 12
5 pounds of russet or Idaho potatoes, scrubbed well (not peeled!!)
2 medium onions, halved and thinly sliced
1/2 cup of butter
1/2 cup of flour or gluten free flour
2 t. salt
1/2 t. pepper
6 cups of milk
5 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
Preheat oven to 400* and butter a 13 ” x  9″ baking dish.  Thinly slice half of the potatoes
and layer them across the bottom of the pan.  Next cover them with sliced onions.  Cover
onions with 2nd half of thinly sliced potatoes and set aside.  In a large nonstick pan melt 
butter and shake flour over the top of the butter.  Stir well and slowly add milk, stirring
constantly.  Increase heat slightly, and bring to a very low boil, reduce he to avoid 
scalding the milk and add salt and pepper.  Stir in cheese and spread over the entire 
baking dish.  Bake for about 30-45 minutes until golden on top, cover with foil and 
bake another 45-50 minutes until potatoes are tender when pierced.
What is your go to side dish for the holiday season?

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