Painted herringbone coffee table

Hello friends!

I seem to be on a find-dated-furniture-and-paint-it-every-color-you-love kick the last few weeks.

But a solid piece of furniture that needs a facelift is so hard to pass up!

That may have something to do with the shrinking space to park my car in the garage, but that’s for another day.

Today we are PAINTING. And giving a sad, dated coffee table a new lease on life.

You can see the potential already but right now this coffee table is not-so-fabulous. YET!

This little gem was a Facebook find and while she was solid, the oak-ey finish was not going to work any longer.

Here is the before…..kind of sad.  BUT! I will show you how I took this tired coffee table…



And breathed some new life into her with paint! Here is the after, and next I will show you how I did it: [Read more…]

Farmhouse lantern gross to gorgeous!

Farmhouse lantern main #farmhouse #twelveOeight #diy

We almost missed this huge lantern when thrifting recently. 

There it sat, super dirty and full of cobwebs, looking sad and sitting on the dusty floor of our local thrift shop.

It was the price tag that got out attention, $6.99 at Goodwill for a huge metal and glass lantern that is screaming for a makeover.  For a minute I wondered if this was a joke because this was a seriously good deal.  This beauty is over 24″ tall and did she land in our cart fast, as we discussed what her new life was going to look like.

Here is the before…..EW. [Read more…]

Thrift Store Redo: a thrift store chair makeover

copper chair 1


I am fairly certain I had no dang business thrifting or hitting yard sales this year at all.

Not with the makings of my own thrift store in my garage right now.

But sometimes you have to live on the edge a little, and you see something that strikes a chord (apparently that happens often from the lack of even a decent sized trail to walk in my garage) and you just need too…..

just go for it.

This chair makeover is actually the inspiration behind my home office makeover I am working on right now, I love the mix of the aqua and white fabric against the copper, so pretty!

It was super easy, I began with a sturdy folding metal chair, about 1 yard of stain resistant fabric… [Read more…]

DIY Painted Canvas Pouf-Storage cube-Footstool

I know that’s kind of a complicated name but this little number can be used multiple ways so the only accurate name I could come up with was “Canvas Pouf-Storage Cube-Footstool.” 

And if you are the kind of person to stand on your furniture (yeah me too) instead of finding a ladder in the garage well then we can add step stool to the list too!

How to recover an old storage cube twelveOeightblog #recover #diy #painted #ottoman #footstool

[Read more…]

DIY Lamp Makeover Before + After!!

Lamp makeover before

I love a good before and after, don’t you?

It’s like watching someone who loves their denim jumpsuits with Birkenstock’s get a whole new look
and wow us all between commercials and in less than an hour!


Today I thought I would show you the before first.

I have a feeling my girlfriends and I may end up making the yard sale we had last year an annual event.

It was FUN! And, a few people had things they no longer wanted that didn’t happen to sell, so they were
kind enough to pass them along to yours truly.

This lamp was one of those.  I’m pretty sure the shade was fine before, but a few months in my garage was
enough to tear the shade apart.  So, I searched for a drum shade…ALSO from the garage, so far this is
one thrifty lamp! [Read more…]

DIY Knotted Leather Hanging Planter

DIY Leather Planter #leatherplanter #modernplanter #DIYplanter #twelveOeightblog

Do you love to pop into your favorite thrift stores and just see stuff you cannot live without?

(daily, weekly, yearly, if it’s frequent that’s a relief & hopefully will justify how often I go!)

Oh good.

I know, and I feel the same way.

The thrill of the hunt is hard to beat, and while it’s not big game hunting in some remote location,
it’s even better.

No one gets hurt (usually) and we score some sweet stuff and awesome prices.
I have wanted to make something like this for a while.
I have tried to decide if I want to create a macrame plant hanger, or some sort of container out
of leather, and how I could incorporate leather and wood.

Well, those leather scraps I have used to make a couple projects with came in handy, and inspiration
struck when I found a box of wooden bowls at the thrift store for $1.50 recently.
I know right?!


I bought them all, and with a couple of new elements from the sale bin at Jo-Ann’s I was able to
create a couple of new planters that I love, love, love!! [Read more…]

Upcycled Embroidery Hoop Wreath + Merry Printable Banner

short bridesmaid dresses 

I would love to tell you that I have learned the art of embroidery.

I have not.

It’s on my stuff-I-really-want-to-learn-but-I-get-so-distracted list.

Upcycling a sweet thrift store find however is something we specialize in around my house.
And today I am sharing a sneak peek at my Christmas Home Tour coming soon.
This Embroidery Hoop Wreath is thrifty from top to bottom.  

The “sweater” was actually a Land’s End blanket I picked up at Goodwill last spring, and
drug all over with me all summer long.  When the frayed edges could not stand another wash,
my white sweater blanket became part of a winter quilt (still in the works.) [Read more…]

How to Make a Glitter House Village {the easy way}

How to make glitter houses #glitterhouse #putz #dollarstore #Christmas #diy #twelveOeightblog


Does the thought of having a your own Glitter House Village sound wonderful?

It has to me too for a couple years now.

And I have thought about different ways I could construct cardboard glitter houses,
But schedules are busy this time of year, and it’s hard enough to sometimes
balance it all and have time to create and craft too.

Let alone build a teeny village while keeping little hands from grabbing one
and running around like crazy folk.

So the idea went on the back burner until I came across a pretty but kind of faded
Victorian style house at Goodwill.  It was $6.99, and I brought it home and left it
on the kitchen counter for a couple days. [Read more…]

Thrifting, coffee & loving the DIY life

thrifting compulsion:
the compulsion to visit thrift stores or any establishment with low priced used
goods on a more-than-frequent basis. the inability
to apply self control when
a thrifting opportunity presents itself. thrifting has begun to effect your
relationships such as being late for a wedding due to stopping at a thrift
late to appointments. overall disregard for time when entering a
thrift store. your behavior & amount of time and money spent in said
thrift store is utterly dependent on how much good stuff they have.

Hi, my name is Tanya, and well…I’m not sure I am officially addicted to
thrifting.  But if there is a step right before, I might possibly be close to it.

All joking aside, I’m sure we all have someone in our lives who think we are just
a little too into crafting, thrifting, yard sale-ing, moving-furniture-around-way-
too-much-ing, you know.

[Read more…]

Upcycled apron from a skirt

Call me a lover of kitch & all things retro.  I love the idea of having a stash of
super sassy aprons hanging around just waiting to be thrown over my clothes
to ensure they are nice and clean once I am done whipping up dinner.
Most days I am working in jeans and a black t-shirt (something I
call my “uniform” and seems to be my go to clothing) barefoot and hair
up in a clip.  But there’s nothing wrong with donning a pretty homemade
apron, and turning up the music while I make dinner.  Even if I’m still
barefoot and singing along as my meal is in the making.
I can’t tell you what kind of fabric I used for the apron front because it’s
actually a skirt I found at Ross about 8 years ago (yes I keep things forever
and it sometimes pays off!)  Here is how I made my sassy new apron:

[Read more…]

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