Quick Farmhouse style Valentine decor

It doesn’t seem like we have completely recovered from Christmas and Valentine’s Day is almost here!

I don’t decorate a lot for Valentine’s Day, but I like to choose one spot to create a thoughtful sweet space, that’s perhaps a bit more frilly than usual.

When the rain arrived early this winter, our white church pew came into the living room to keep it safe from the elements.

The thought of finding another one for free, convincing my husband that we needed to go get a 12 foot church pew in 100 degree weather, and drag it home is too much to bear.

So inside she came.



I used some French script cardstock, and cut out hearts with holes punched in the top and strung by jute twine. [Read more…]

chalkboard globe + be mine banner

You may remember this globe from my Christmas 2014 tour.  

Be Mine Banner and Chalkboard Globe #valentine #diy #twelveoeight

I knew I wanted to use it again, and it has moved, and moved again multiple times but not been right.

Do you do that too? Keep tweaking and moving things? I am not sure if it falls under some sort of condition (especially coupled with the need to stop at thrift stores VERY often!) or just a love of fluffing our nests.

Either way, I have regretted many things I got rid of and few that I have kept.  So there she sat.

Chalkboard globe and Be Mine Valentine Banner #twelveOeight #diy #banner #chalkboard #paint #Valentine


I pulled out some craft supplies a few nights ago and looked at the pale pink glitter and pink and white striped letters I just found at Jo-Ann’s recently (all for $1.00 each too, perfect January prices!)

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Inspiration Monday Party |

Welcome back to Inspiration Monday! We’re so happy you stopped by to party with us today.
Need some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Check out all the fabulous and creative
ideas below. Of course, if you are a blogger, link your latest creations and have your work
seen on 7 different blogs!
This week’s features were selected by Leigh Anne from Your Homebased Mom.
Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday next to Christmas
and I’ve had hearts on my brain this week as I’ve pulled out the Valentine decor.
I love that Valentine’s is all about chocolate and everything heart shaped.
Today I’ve put together some fun Valentine and heart shaped ideas from last week’s linky party for you.
And of course a little chocolate too. So many fun ideas!

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Day 4: All You Need Is Love {free printable!!}

All You Need Is Love Free Printable twelveOeightblog.com #loveprintable #allyouneedislove #freeprintable #valentine #twelveOeightblog


Hello from the house of runny noses and coughs, I seem to forget that we always catch a cold in early January.
Similar to forgetting exactly how fun it is to give birth, get a root canal, or cough until you pee your pants…

Our New Year Week of Sickness has blindsided me yet again, and boy is it a hoot.

But fear not!

While I may be a few days behind in our No/Low Spend Challenge for January I have a pretty thing for you
today.  I bet you will forgive me if I tell you how awesome this looks printed out and framed.

And it really is totally appropriate for all year, but this mentions love, so it’s totes Valentines Day-ish too!
While deep down I know that we need a few things in addition to love, I believe that love is the greatest of
all things, and because of it you and I are alive, have joy, and live in this beautiful world.

Plus I am a Beatles fan, it’s genetic. [Read more…]

White Chocolate Pudding Cookies


Here is an easy cookie recipe that the chocolate lovers in your life (aka you and anyone you choose to share with) would love to receive, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  We have made two batches of these in the last week, and my taste-testers have told me that I can make them anytime I want.  Which meant, please don’t let these run out mama.

This cookie really gets it’s rich flavor from the addition of one box of pudding mix.  The sugar is reduced because of this, and I love the way these turn out.

Let’s bake y’all…

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Glittered Heart Marshmallows | with Brooke from Blissful Roots

I’m not quite sure what it is, but there’s something with me and my guest posts here at twelveOeight that brings out the food and glitter crafter in me.  You might remember when I was here back in September that I shared my glittery dollar store cookie Halloween ornaments, and I even glittered a chocolate bunny over at Blissful Roots last Easter.  Well, today the turning-food-into-decor-by-glittering-it-up frenzy continues.

DIY Glittered Heart Marshmallows from Blissful Roots @ TwelveOeight
I love strolling through the baking isle at the grocery store when any holiday rolls around.  There are always so many festive items to draw inspiration from.  Have you noticed how marshmallows can be found in just about every shape, size, color, and flavor these days?  I’m completely giddy every time I see them, but I have one problem.  I don’t like marshmallows.  I do love roasting them over a campfire, but that’s my limit.  I can’t just pop one in my mouth and chew.  I think it’s a texture issue.  Anyway,  not wanting to eat the marshmallows certainly didn’t keep me from buying  them.  They were too cute to leave the store without them.

Duke’s Jam Cookies

When I watched my Grandma Edith make cookies for the first time, I knew I was hooked.

We are Swedes, ok Grandma was a full-blooded Swede, and myself a mere .25.  Our family tree on my Mom’s side kind looks like it was doing great, chugging along back a few generations, then on one side (my Maternal Grandfather) it just sort of….stops.

The story was (in 1917) that all of his birth records were destroyed in a Courthouse fire before his adoption when he was five years old.  So he remembers being in and out of foster homes, and ultimately being adopted by a couple at the tender age of five.
And while his adoptive Father suffered a stroke, his Mother loved him dearly, and their business success provided a lavish lifestyle for a little boy who must have pinched himself every once in a while to make sure it was all real.

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8 Ways to Say Be My Valentine | Party Features

If you are looking for a new way to say Be Mine this year, you are in luck! Today’s party features include two beautiful (free!) printables, a gift from the kitchen, and enough Valentine craft & gift ideas to give your loved ones something handmade that
says “I love you”.

From my heart, to yours.

See you back here later for the Mega Inspiration Party!

valentine ideas 1

valentine ideas 2

  1.  http://www.thecasualcraftlete.com/2014/01/15/diy-valentines-day-burlap-gift-bags/
  2. http://www.posedperfection.com/2014/01/drop-cloth-heart-pillows.html
  3. http://deniseonawhim.blogspot.com/2014/01/embroidery-hoop-and-sweater-valentines.html
  4. http://thediydreamer.com/valentine/valentine-printable-gift
  5. http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2014/01/sweet-heart-tank-top-refashion.html
  6. http://www.justusfourblog.com/2014/01/valentines-day-stenciled-burlap-pennant-banner/
  7. http://persialou.blogspot.com/2014/01/freewatercolorvalentinesprintables.html
  8. http://www.kleinworthco.com/2014/01/red-velvet-cake-mix.html/2

I’m so inspired! Now I just need to keep the kids busy long enough to
get crafty today –

  {weekly link party every Sunday at 11am PST !!}

Dollar Store Chalkboard Sign in a January House

I am always excited & challenged by what I like to call my January House.
My routine has returned (ok at least a little.)
The Holiday’s are behind us, and a fresh New Year with all it’s hope and
possibility is here.
And I am usually ready for some change.
Do you do the same thing?
Like finishing something then deciding to make a few changes, and add that
other thing, so you realize you are never really done.
Or finished.
But just starting.
I think of my house and I like a comfortable friendship.
Chandler & Joey.
Laverne & Shirley.
Wayne & Garth.
Lucy & Ethel.
If we were to have a conversation (other than a one-sided convo I am very
thankful has never been overheard at least to date) it might sounds like this.

Rustic Valentine Countdown Calendar

This is the first countdown calendar I have made, and now I am officially hooked.
We are working on a thrifty do it yourself wood fireplace mantel for our gas fireplace,
and I hope to have it done soon.
We have done some restructuring to our homeschool time, and trying really hard to
stick to my meal plan.  Being more organized seems to free up more time for fun.
Like making things together and waiting for February 1st to arrive so we can open
the first envelope to see what is inside.
I love projects like this that bring old and new together, and using elements with a
little bit of history (more about that.)
Thank you so much for reading, and as always, may your heart and home be full of everything you love! xo, Tanya         linking up to: http://www.savvysouthernstyle.net/ And these awesome parties: http://www.twelveoeightblog.com/awesome-link-parties