Baked Apple Pie Granola Bars

 baked apple pie granola bars


Oh yes I did, I just said apple pie.
And you know what, it’s almost FALL…so we are in super duper back-to-school
Fall weather, pumpkin everything, apple pie and slow cooker mode at casa twelveOeight.

I have switched out my Scentsy warmers to smell like apples, vanilla & pumpkin.
Did a big old deep clean on 90% of the house (master bedroom still needs help, it’s literally
horrible) but for now I am just shutting the door and trying not to look at the mess I have
not picked up for about 6 months.  That’s another blog post however, a tell all on what happens
when you love to buy clothes and lose 40 pounds.

This means more clothes.

Back to our homemade granola bars, these little bars made the kitchen smell amazing,
and I felt pretty proud that I have a homemade snack for the kids this being their first
week at school.  It’s going to be a pretty big adjustment since we have been homeschooling
the past four years.  But we are all really excited, love our new school, and while I am a wee
bit nervous, I am so excited for my boys.  They love their new teachers, and had a blast
filling their backpacks with new supplies.  

This might possibly give me a few extra hours in the week to make a few more things,
bake something yummy, and continue to paint, paint, paint.
Let’s bake these granola bars, Fall is most certainly in the air today!

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