How to make a paper magnolia garland

Oh man I don’t know about you but I am in full on FALL mode up in here!

Candles, check.

All the fluffy pillows, check, check!


This wall long wall in our front living room is a tough one to decorate so it has become an ever-changing vignette since we bought our home just over two years ago. But I think that moving of stuff around and house-tweaking is part of the fun!

I have seen really pretty magnolia garlands but they seemed darker than what I wanted, so I figured I could make one. And I’m always down for a thrifty paper creation, enter a paper magnolia garland.

After seeing a spool of this raffia covered wire I thought that would make a great base that I could glue the leaves to. So I used a stack of 12 x 12 inch green cardstock and got five good sized leaves out of each sheet. I spread them out in a long row to see how many I would need to make a fluffy garland this size and ended up using about 12 sheets.

I used hot glue and went in a pattern tucking leaves in and gluing them so I had a fluffy, flexible leaf garland when I was done.

I curled the ends a bit and hung up this bad boy for a pop of fall greenery that will last a long time!

The most time consuming part was cutting out the leaves but I did it while watching our shows one evening and they were done in no time.

A little labor of love that came together in an evening and I just love how fun this is in this space!

And we have almost finished the chicken coop, I cannot wait to get our baby chicks. I will share how we put together the coop soon!

Lastly, this little cutie pie turns 10 this week, and is now the proud owner of Peter. The sweetest cuddly little bunny every 🙂

I hope you have an amazing week, and you find it full of blessings and time doing the things you love. And maybe a little time to create!

Thank you for reading friend!

xo, Tanya

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